Meet Team Russia

Beware the Russian bear!

When a Russian player sits at your table, you instantly know what you are going to face; relentless pressure and smart play from a tough opponent. And we love them for it!The members of our Team Russia are the very best Mother Russia has to offer.

Mikhail Semin

The voice of Russian poker, Mikhail Semin’s career has taken him from journalist, to poker commentator, to well-known poker pro – let’s see what the future has in store for him!

Anatoly Filatov

Known by his alternative handle of ‘NL_Profit’, Anatoly Filatov is an inspiration who has successfully climbed the poker ranks, working his way from $1 games to taking on the best in $10K high-roller tournaments.

Mikhail ‘Misha Inner’ Shalamov

One of Russia’s most popular and entertaining players, Misha Inner (also known as ‘innerpsycho’) has crushed the game since 2008 and can be seen contesting the big pots at GGPoker cash game tables.

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