Small Decks, Big Action!

Short Deck Poker is an amazing variant which requires you to shake up everything you know about Poker!

The members of ShortDeckSquad are world renowned experts at Short Deck – Join them on the felt to see poker like you’ve never seen it before!

Lu Di

She’s a beautiful and deadly hunter that has bagged many championships in China’s bounty tournaments since 2014. She ranked Sixth in the WSOPC BIG50 tournament in 2020, being the only female Chinese poker player to reach the final table of that tournament.

Wang Kun

You can always spot him around Chinese poker tournaments. People are constantly impressed with his aggressive style at the poker tables. In addition to crushing at live tournaments, he is also a streamer and commentator on Pokerba, the famous streaming platform.

Denys Chufarin

In 2009, he fell in love with Poker at first sight! But only after playing millions of hands in all kinds of games, did he find his real and true 36-card love; full of of action and unforgettable emotions, it changed his life forever!

Want to learn more about Short Deck poker? Take a look at our guide and test your wits at the tables!