WSOP Online Travel Guide FAQ 2021

The World Series of Poker is almost here at GGPoker, and you want to travel to participate online. You packed your bags and you’re prepared to take down the competition. So, what next?

Here is our guide for how residents in jurisdictions where GGPoker does not operate can travel and participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Can I travel from my ineligible country to another country to play in the WSOP at GGPoker? 

It depends on your country of residence, but in general, yes, you can! It’s safer to ask us first via [email protected], as some regulated countries will still be ineligible for the purposes of temporary registration.

For example, if you move from the USA to Mexico or Canada — or to most valid European countries from most restricted ones, you will be able to play in the WSOP at GGPoker.

I’m a US citizen and I’m considering going to Canada/Mexico to play in the WSOP. As a US citizen, can I play in Canada/Mexico as a visitor without a permanent address?

Yes! This is a specific combination that we’d like to call out and clarify that it’s acceptable. Don’t worry, you’re more than welcome to join the party 🙂

What do I need to do, or to submit, to be able to play in this situation?

We will ask you to provide proof of presence in the accepted countries and a passport. We know that many players will have unique situations, and we will work with you to find the best way to prove your presence in the accepted country.

What are some examples of proof of presence?

Essentially, it’s evidence that you can provide which shows that you are in the stated region. Here is an example. A passport stamp with date from the custom (Passport should show front page and the stamp page simultaneously). We may request for further documents to check your location and your temporary residency.

How do I submit these documents?

You can upload them directly in the GGPoker app via the cashier, or email them as attachments to [email protected].

I’m signing up – but I cannot find my country on the signup list – what can I do?

Unfortunately, if you are located in a country that is not on our drop down list – we cannot accept you as a GGPoker player at this time.

Is my money safe at GGPoker if I’m a US citizen?

Of course! We may require some documents for verification purposes, but, we can assure you that your funds will not be seized if you are participating legally.

What happens in the event I win a bracelet and travel home after the series concludes?

If you participated in the Events in the legitimate country and went back to your home country after playing, we will arrange your delivery to the address that you provide.

What are the tax implications if I win money outside my country?

The onus for tax payment is on the individual in that case. Please check up on your national rules on taxable incomes.

I am traveling from the USA. What payment methods will be available?

Bitcoin and USDT will be available, while other solutions are currently under review and in progress. You can also try the local deposit options available in the relevant country.

If I win a significant event during the period then return to a blocked jurisdiction, how will I withdraw my funds? Will GGPoker ensure I am eligible to receive cash and prizes won while based in an eligible region?

Yes. GGPoker’s cashiers will work directly with individuals to find the best options for cashing out large winnings.

Can I create my account in advance, or should I wait until I am situated in an eligible region?

No. You should not create a GGPoker account from a blocked country. Wait until you are in a non-blocked jurisdiction.

Aside from WSOP events, will my nationality prevent participation at other games types? Are there any games that I cannot play?

In general, no. There are a few exceptions, but once you’re physically in an eligible country, you typically have access to GGPoker’s full offering, including all cash games and tournaments.

I would like to raise my deposit limits ahead of playing in WSOP events; what should I do?

Please fully verify your account by uploading ID and proof of address documents via the GGPoker cashier. Please also provide proof of your source of funds for your deposits (for example, three months of bank statements showing incoming funds, or three months of payslips, etc…).

If you need even higher limits specifically for the WSOP, just contact us at [email protected] and ask; further due diligence may be required before limits are increased.

I have never used Bitcoin, why can’t I deposit via Debit/credit card?

Alternative payment options are currently being reviewed for addition for just this situation. Please understand that this is not an internal decline. Rather, the validity of your card depends on the issuing country. Unfortunately, some regions do not support online gaming transactions via card.