Mini-Mega Rumble – what went down

The wall of fallen heroes stands thusly:

WowPoker RIP

Scrimitzu RIP

ShroomtheRiver RIP

We commit you to the soil, our hearts firm knowing you’ve reached Valhalla, where never-ending games of poker are played, where cavernous mead halls echo with the clacking of chipstacks and the bristle of dealt cards. This isn’t over. You will all be back.

Meanwhile, IrEgption and Vanessa Kade watch from the shadows, appraising, waiting for their moment in the next Rumble – watch this space…

We have a winner

One of team GGPoker finally emerged victorious – Alyssa MacDonald cut down all comers, showing her nasty side and taking down fellow partner and all-around buzzlord ShroomtheRiver. Alyssa claimed the last-longer Team GGPoker prize to nab a $1000 package. Alyssa also graciously gifted her bounty bonus to the unlucky player who went out on the bubble – a wise warrior makes friendly with opponents.

Now the dust settles, the warriors return to peace. For now.

BUT… there was one who beat ALL of Team GGPoker and came first. All glory to *TenEggGuy* for first place – you’re truly the greatest this time around, and you have our respect!

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Getting involved

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