Free universal Smart HUD

Our philosophy is all about levelling the playing field. While our views on fairness between HUD and gut players haven’t changed, we’re rolling out Smart HUD as a happy middle ground. Built to suit players on both sides of the argument, whilst simultaneously allowing gut players a free slice of the technical side. The HUD displays unique information as per your chosen game.

Smart HUD cash game features

Your luck stat for a given day displays as a clover badge beside your avatar. A heat index, indicated by a flaming clover badge, provides a clear picture of your win/loss and current mindset, win/loss visualizations by opponent – that’s right, comparing your all time rungood against your nemesis – as well as a breakdown of your biggest hands, with easily-shared corresponding hand moments.

AoF Smart HUD

A player’s all-in percentage and calling habits is now shown at AoF tables – useful information for light calls and tricky steals in this all-bravado variant. Let’s add some science to the proceedings.

Tournament Smart HUD

Your tournament position, and that of others, is displayed beside your avatar – no more distracting click-trips to the lobby. Additionally, total tournament winnings and current LB ranking is displayed for every player. heat indexes and chip graphs – it’s all a click way.

Change the way you play,
Mike at GGPoker