THE DAILY SCOOP – GG Online Championship Week 4



The GG Online Championship, running exclusively on GGPoker, has officially surpassed $110,000,000 in prize pools that have been scooped by our elite poker players. And, for those of you who are still trying to take advantage of the amazing guarantees found only at GGPoker, you still have 9 days left to win your share of over $60 Million in guaranteed prize pools. 

This week is another massive week for guarantees with over $50 Million split between 108 online poker tournaments including the Sunday Super MILLION$ with a $6,000,000 guarantee and the $8,000,000 GGOC Main Event. Step satellites are already running for both of these events so you definitely have no reason to miss out on these massive online guarantees, not to mention the prestige that comes with taking down one of these events. 

While you are playing in your choice of events this week, waiting for the big one on Sunday, don’t forget to check out all of the GG Online Championship action at  GGPoker.TV, the best spot to stream some of the biggest online poker games.

If the guarantees are not enough action, check out the leaderboard. Over the past week there has been a ton of movement over the High, Medium and Low leaderboards.

The Low leaderboard saw the runner up from week 1, ‘BeardOilGuy’ jump over the competition to claim the top spot by a mere 31 points over second place ‘goosebumps4’, who maintained his position from the previous week. Week 1’s leader, ‘Kong Fuzi’ and last week’s leader, ‘Big Bluff’, fell to 11th and 7th respectively and are now over 200 points back. 

The Medium leaderboard has seen ‘Joao Simoa’ continue to lead the pack. While his lead has diminished, he is still over 200 points ahead of second place and 350 over third.

The High and Super High Leadboard again had a lot of movement. The week 1 leader, ‘Wei Zhao’ has continued to drop and now finds himself down to 83rd while ‘rivfun4me’, who dropped to 11th after last week, maintained his position. The steadiest of the top 3 from week 1, ‘danludan’, continued to keep his position in the top 3 and closed the gap at the top of the leaderboard. Last week’s leader, ‘ Chris Rudolph’, lost his top position and dropped to second behind the current leader ‘Amichai Barer’. With the top 3 on this leaderboard separated by less than 25 points there is sure to be a lot of excitement and movement over the last 9 days of the online poker series. 

Mild Monday

Another awe inspiring weekend of the GG Online Championship has passed so to start this week, we have an easy Monday. Running just 3 events for a total of 10 tournaments, the GG Online Championships is offering over $2,500,000 in guarantees. 

The first event on this Monday is another Bounty Hunters tournament. Event #89, starting at 16:30 UTC, is offered at Low, Medium, High and Super High tiers. With buy-ins ranging from $5.25 for the Low up to $5,250 for the Super High, and over $1 Million split over the 4 tournaments, you will have plenty of places to scoop those sweet bounties.

The second event on the schedule is Event #90 Monday Monster Stack. This three tiered event runs with guarantees of $500K, $300K and $100K for buy-ins of $1,050, $150 and $25 respectively. Deep stacks and slow blinds are the highlights of these tournaments so get comfortable and enjoy the long game.

Monday finishes with Event #91 Bounty Big Game, the second and final set of bounty tournaments on the day. Offering over half a million dollars in guarantees, this is a great way to finish off your opponents and your Monday.

Don’t forget to qualify for the GGOC Main Event and the Super MILLION$ coming up this weekend!


Super Tuesday

Yesterday’s relaxing Monday saw a total of nearly $3.5 Million scooped up by the GGPoker players in the GG Online Championship online poker tournament series. We are glad you all had a relaxing time at the tables yesterday because today this online poker series is offering 5 events for a total of 17 tournaments, including 3 bounty events, 2 Super High tier events, one $1,000,000 guarantee and over $5 Million in guarantees. 

Tuesday starts with a pair of Bounty events. First at 14:30 UTC, the three tiers of Event #92 Tuesday Throwdown begins. This set of 7-max bounty tournaments offers guarantees of $40K, $150K and $300K for buy-ins of $8.40, $84 and $840 and starts players with a decent chip stack at 100BB.

Next on the schedule is Event #93 Bounty Hunters starting at 16:30 UTC. Set to run at 4 tiers, (Low, Medium, High and Super High) these 4 tournaments offer players 200BB deep starting stacks with a slow blind structure. Over $1,000,000 has been offered up as guarantees for this event and at least half of that guarantee will be bounties.

Keeping on the theme of Texas Hold’em, at 18:00 UTC is Event #94 Super Tuesday. The second of the Super High tournaments runs as part of this event along with over $2 Million in guarantees. The Low tier for this event has a $25 buy-in with a $100K guarantee. The Medium tier is guaranteeing $300K for a $150 buy-in. The High tier and Super High tier offer buy-ins of $1,050 and $10,300 for guarantees of $825,000 and $1,000,000. Starting stacks of 200BB offer everyone a shot at making this a Super Tuesday.

The last Texas Hold’em event of the day, starting at 19:00 UTC, is Event #95 High Roller. This set of tournaments, with some of the biggest buy-ins at their respective levels, offers a $600K guarantee at the High tier for a $25,500 buy-in and $300K guarantees at the Medium and Low tier with buy-ins of $2,625 and $250 respectively.

For the final event on the day we head back to the bounties but this time in Omaha. Beginning at 20:40 UTC, this threesome of Omaholic Bounty Turbo tournaments are a fast paced end to a hectic day. The event is offered at 3 tiers with buy-ins of $10.50, $150 and $1,050 for guarantees of $12,500, $40,000 and $100,000 at the Low, Medium and High levels.

Tomorrow we enter the last week of the online poker series….stay tuned!


Slow and Deep Wednesday

Tuesday was a long and hard day full of poker but we made it through.  Over $6 Million was scooped up by the players in the GG Online Championship over the 5 events yesterday. The online tournament series slows down the grind for the middle of the week with just 3 Events totalling 9 tournaments. 

Initiation of your poker day starts at 16:30 UTC, with the Event #97 Bounty Hunters Main. This big bounty event offers just under $700K in guarantees with 80% of the buy-in going to the progressive bounty. If you want to be rewarded for KOing your opponents without worrying how you finish, this is the event for you.

The second event of the day, Event #98 Wednesday Double Stack starting at 18:00 UTC. This big stack set of tournaments, with 250 Big Blind starting stacks, offers buy-ins at $25 for the Low Tier, $150 for the Medium Tier and $1,050 at the High Tier and carries guarantees of $100K, $250K and $400K respectively.

Settling down for the last event of the day, get ready for the excitement of the 4-Max Event #99 Bounty. This final bounty of the day seats you with no more than 3 opponents at a time, fighting to scoop each other’s bounties. With Low, Medium and High tier buy-ins of $21, $210 and $2,100 it’s a great way to end the day, trying to get your share of almost half-a-million dollars in guarantees and bounties.

     Tomorrow we begin the journey in the last week of the GG Online Championship.