THE DAILY SCOOP – GG Online Championship Week 4.5


The Final Weekend

The final weekend is upon us as we head into the last 6 days of GGPoker’s online poker tournament series, the GG Online Championship. As of the end of the 21st day of the GG Online Championship, the GGPoker players have already scooped over $125,000,000 from 309 tournaments. That is a lot of prize money and a lot of poker. Crazy thing is, there is still a lot of poker still to play. Over the final 6 days, the GG Online Championships still has 113 tournaments scheduled with over $40 Million in guarantees. Needless to say, there is still a Full House of online poker to play with, Straight Flushes to hit on the river and mega-pots to scoop.   

This weekend has $30 Million in guarantees waiting to be won, including 10 guarantees of at least ONE MILLION DOLLARS and a Pair of Super High tier tournaments. But first, let’s get Straight into Thursday’s 5 Event schedule.

Thursday starts at 16:30 UTC with Event #100 Bounty Hunters. These Four-of-a-Kind knockout style No Limit Hold’em tournaments offer buy-ins at $5.25, $52.50, $525 and $5,250 with guarantees of $40K, $250K, $500K and $500K, respectively. Half of all buy-ins go to the progressive bounties so you can Flush your chips away and still end up in the positives.

Second of the day is Event #101 Omaholic Main Event starting at 17:10 UTC. This 3-tiered Omaha event is being offered with buy-ins of $25, $150 and $1,050. The Low tier has a $20,000 guarantee. The Medium tier is offering $60,000 guaranteed and the High tier is promising a $125,000 guarantee. 

Event #102 Thursday Thiller is the other event offered at all 4 tiers and hosts the only $1 Million guarantee of the day. Scheduled to start at 18:00 UTC with buy-ins at $25, $150, $1,050 and $10,300, these tournaments carry respective guarantees of $150,000, $400,000, $800,000 and ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

$1,300,000 is up for grabs in the fourth event of the day, Event #103 High Rollers. The 3 tournaments in this event offer big starting stacks (200BB) and a slow structure. So many poker hands will be played over the course of this event you will definitely need to play the long game and not have to take a risk with a High Card.

The final event of the day, Event #104 is a Set of Omaholic Bounty tournaments. Over $300,000 is available to be won across these three bounty tournaments with half of the prize pool going to the progressive bounties. With starting stacks of 50,000 (125BB) and blind levels starting at no less than 10 minutes, you can be assured you will have to fight hard for each bounty.


Fantastic Ladies in Poker (FLIP)

This Sunday, as an added bonus to the GG Online Championships, GGPoker is hosting the FLIP Women’s Championship. FLIP, which celebrates and supports the amazing achievements of women in poker both historic and current, is the poker world’s foremost female-focused player community. Founded by Daiva Byrne, this community focuses on a more inclusive poker community, a vision shared by GGPoker. To celebrate these fine women, this $100K guaranteed event will begin at 14:00 UTC and carry a $100K guarantee. Join in the efforts and support your fellow poker player. 


The biggest events of the weekend are Event #113 MYSTERY BONUS, Event #116-H Super MILLION$ Championship, Event #116-M and -L GGMasters Freezeout Championship, GGOC Main Event and Omaholic Main Event. These 9 events share $18.5 Million in guaranteed prizes that you can earn. Step Satellites for these events are already running and start as low as $3. Jump in now and qualify before the last qualifying event ends.

Until Tomorrow and a nice easy relaxed Friday…Two Pair


Friday Finale

With the final Thursday GG Online Championship pot scooped it is time to turn our attention to this Final Fabulous Friday. It’s an easy one today with just 9 tournaments over 3 events on the schedule. This nice and relaxed Friday is just what the doctor ordered for a crazy $30,000,000 guaranteed weekend.

Friday starts with a set of Ultra Deep Bounty Hunter tournaments, Event  #105. These tournaments start at 16:30 UTC and offer $390,000 in guarantees. Starting with a buy-in as low as $5.25, this is a nice relaxing way to get the weekend rolling.

Event #106 is the always fun Friday Night Fight. With buy-ins at $25, 150 and $1,050 these tournaments let you pummel your opponents chip stacks and scoop their progressive bounties. Offering $450,000 in guarantees and 50K starting stacks, these are set to be a real fight.

Event #106, the TGIF Hyper Special 6-max, is the final event of the day. Offering $15,000, $30,000 and $50,000 in guarantees for buy-ins of $5, $50 and $500, this tournament is the perfect way to end the evening.

Watch out for tomorrow’s scoop of the weekend!

Wild Weekend Welcomes Widened Wallets 

This is it. The final weekend in the biggest online poker tournament series of the year that has been played thus far. Over $30 Million is guaranteed between Friday, Saturday and Sunday. While Saturday is relatively light with only 6 Events covering 18 tournaments and $6.5M in guarantees. Sunday is brimming with 8 Events, 30 tournaments and $22,640,000 in guarantees.

Saturday starts the festivities at 15:00 UTC with the only online Texas Hold’em of the day. Event #108 Saturday Superstack which, like all of the events on Saturday, runs at 3 Tiers: Low, Medium and High. Buy-ins at $25, $250 and $1,500 for these 200BB starting stack tournaments carry a total over half of a million dollars in guarantees and are a great way to start off the last weekend of the GG Online Championship.

The rest of Saturday is filled with Bounty Hunter/Knockout tournaments. Rotating between No Limit Hold’em and Omaha Events #109 through #112 of this online poker tournament series start at 16:30, 17:10, 18:00 and 19:40 (all UTC). Starting with the Bounty Hunters Double Stack and finishing with the Omaholic Big Game Bounty, you will definitely have your choice of deep stack (at least 125BB starting stack across all of these tournaments) bounty events. Nearly $2,000,000 in guarantees with buy-ins ranging between $5.25 and $2,100 there are multiple opportunities to scoop some sweet winnings.

Saturday ends with a gigantic set of tournaments. Event #113 MYSTERY Bounty Final Day. The Low and Medium tiers of this event have buy-ins of $25 and $210 and both guarantee $1,000,000 in the prize pool. The High tier tournament has a guarantee of $2,000,000 and a buy-in of just $2,100. Day 1’s have been playing all week and will continue until just before the start of the Final Day so there is still lots of time to qualify through the Step Satellites.

Sunday Million$ 

The final Sunday of events as part of the GG Online Championship has 7 tournaments, almost 25% of the offerings, with guarantees of at least $1,000,000 and over one-third over $500,000.

The first of the million dollar events is 115-M Bounty Hunters High Roller Main Event. Starting at 16:30 UTC, this $525 buy-in tournament is guaranteeing $1,250,000. Next, at 17:00 UTC, is a pair of GGMasters Freezeout Championships. These 2-day tournaments, #116-M and #116-L, which will finish up on Monday, both offer a $1,000,000 guarantee and have buy-ins of $1,050 and $150 respectively. 

At 18:00 UTC tournament #116-H Super MILLION$ High Roller Championship begins. Like the other 2 tournaments part of Event #116, this tournament will also complete on Monday. Unlike the others, this tournament is offering a $3,000,000 and a $10,300 guarantee.

Event #120-H Sunday Million SHR is a $25,500 buy-in tournament with a One Million Dollar guarantee. Set to start dealing cards at 20:00 UTC this Super High Roller will certainly be an event of champions.

The last of the million-plus guarantee events have their Final Day scheduled to begin at 20:30 UTC. The first of this pair of events is the Omaholic Main Event and a $1,500,000 guarantee. The second is the GGOC Main Event and its $8,000,000 guarantee. Both of these tournaments have direct buy-ins of $1,500.

All of these tournaments part of the ‘Million-Plus’ club have multiple Day 1’s and Step Satellites available and running up to their starting time. Pick your game and scoop up a major victory in the last weekend of GGPoker’s GG Online Championship.

And don’t forget, there is still almost $6,000,000 in guarantees in the other GG Online Championship tournaments on Sunday, so even if you don’t want to play in the Big 7, you have plenty of options.

Stay safe this weekend…can’t wait to tell you about Monday…