THE DAILY SCOOP – GG Online Championship Week 3.5


The Penultimate Weekend


We made it. Day 14, the halfway mark. Half the length of the series has past, half still remains to be played. 209 tournaments have been played, 213 remain to be run. Over $75,000,000 has been won so far and almost $95 MILLION is still guaranteed! 

The GG Online Championships, found exclusively on GGPoker, has an absolutely massive weekend coming up with almost $30 million guaranteed including a gigantic $10,000,000 tournament, but more on that later. 

Before we get to the weekend, we have another busy Thursday. With 5 events covering 15 tournaments and nearly $5,000,000 in guarantees, we will all be seeing a gargantuan number of poker hands. 

Thursday starts at 16:30 UTC with Event #67 Bounty Hunters. This set of classic knockout style No Limit Hold’em tournaments offers buy-ins at $5.25, $52.50 and $525 and guarantees of $40K, $250K and $500K, respectively. Half of all buy-ins go to the progressive bounties so expect some crazy action during every poker hand.

Second of the day is Event #68 Omaholic starting at 17:10 UTC. This 3-tiered Omaholic event is being offered with buy-ins at half of the usual cost. If you ever wanted to try Omaha with a great prize at a low price, this is the event for you. The Low tier has a $15,000 guarantee at a $15 buy-in. The Medium tier is offering $40,000 guaranteed with a $75 buy-in and the High tier is just a $525 buy-in with a $100,000 guarantee.

Event #69 is the only event of the day offered at all 4 tiers and the only $1 Million guarantee. The Thursday Thiller is scheduled to start at 18:00 UTC with buy-ins at $25, $150, $1,050 and $10,300 and the respective guarantees of $150,000, $400,000, $750,000 and ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

$1,300,000 is up for grabs in the fourth event of the day, Event #70 High Rollers. The 3 tournaments in this event offer big starting stacks (200BB) and long levels. Lots of poker hands will be played over the course of this event.

The final event of the day, Event #71 is a trio of Omaholic Bounty tournaments. Over $200,000 is available to be won across these three bounty tournaments with half of the prize pool going to the progressive bounties. With starting stacks of 50,000 and blind levels as short as 8 minutes, you can be assured the bounties will be collected quicker than ice cream is scooped on a hot summer’s day.

$10,000,000 Super MILLION$


For those of you who enjoy big stakes poker, this is the event for you. This Sunday at 20:00 UTC, Day 2 of the Super MILLION$ Main Event begins. Poker players from around the world will be joining this event, the biggest guarantee in the GGPoker GG Online Championship. The first 4 Day 1’s have already run and 41 players have survived. There are 4 more Day 1’s still to play, one every day until the start of Day 2 so you still have lots of chances to get in on this amazing event and scoop a share of that sweet million bucks. To make this unique event even more valuable, there are step satellites running constantly for as low as $10. Imagine the story you would have to share if you took down this tournament on a $10 buy-in.

While you are playing in your choice of events this week, whether it is for the next $10 step satellite for the Super MILLION$ or the big one on Saturday, don’t forget to check out all of the GG Online Championship action at  GGPoker.TV, the best spot to stream some of the biggest online poker games.

As a final thought for the day, don’t forget about the bonus half-million waiting for you on the leaderboards. There is still plenty of time and poker hands to play to work your way into some of that sweet, sweet bonus cash.


Hmmm…..$10 to $10 Million….until tomorrow…

Easy Friday


After a super busy Thursday and the completion of another week of work, the GG Online Championship is starting with a very relaxed Friday schedule. Just 3 events and 9 tournaments and the biggest buy-in is just $1,050. Just like the tournaments, this entry will be short but don’t worry, the weekend will more than make up for it. 

Friday begins at 16:30 UTC with Event #72 Bounty Hunters Ultradeep. This tournament gives the players a 300BB starting stack and startings blind levels lasting at least 10 minutes. With buy-ins of $5.25 for the Low tier, $52.50 for the Medium tier and $525 for the High tier, you will have lots of time to scoop up those sweet bounties.

The Friday night main event is scheduled to begin at 18:00 UTC. Event #73 Fright Night Fight is the regular 6-max bounty tournament turned up a notch. With $450,000 in guarantees split over the 3 tournaments, this event will have everyone ready to rumble.

If bounties are not your thing, then the final event of the night is for you. Event #74 TGIF Hyper Special, starting at 20:00 UTC, starts players with stacks of 50,000, good for 200BB but blind levels only lasting 4 minutes. Fast and furious No Limit Hold’em, what a way to start the weekend.

Let’s not forget about the Super MILLION$ this Sunday. Friday’s Day 1 is set to run at 14:00 UTC. If you miss this opportunity for a shot at your share of $10 Million, don’t fret. You will have Saturday and Sunday. Don’t let this pass, not with step satellites constantly running for as little as $10.


Tomorrow….the weekend. 

The Weekend


It’s here, finally. Over the past 5 days, the GG Online Championship guaranteed over $16,000,000 and the actual prize pools totalled well over $18 Million. But that was during the week and as we all know, it’s the weekend that matters. The weekend when the party happens. 

To celebrate this weekend, GG Poker is hosting 14 multi-tiered events for a total of 48 events and over $28 MILLION in guarantees including a $10,000,000 guarantee in the Super MILLION$ High Roller Main Event. This weekend is so big that even without the Super MILLION$, which will continue to offer step satellites until late registration is closed on the last of the Day 1’s, there is $18,000,000 guaranteed. The GG Online Championships is guaranteeing more prizes through the 2 day weekend then it did all week. 

We start the weekend with a simple Saturday. Just 5 events and 17 tournaments. Offering a little bit of everything so everyone can have a taste. Starting at 15:00 UTC Event $75 Saturday Superstack begins. With $600,000 in guarantees this is a nice way to ease into the weekend. 

Event #76 Bounty Hunters and Event #78 Saturday Knockout are 2 No Limit Hold’em KO tournaments with big guarantees (over $1.6 Million) and relatively small buy-ins (as low as $5.25). These 2 events, starting at 16:30 UTC and 18:00 UTC respectively, are sure to be great fights.

Sandwiched between those events is #77 Omaholic Main Event. This is the only event of the day that is offered at the Super High buy-in. Guarantees run between $20,000 and $500,000 for this event as a great way to test your Omaha skills ahead of the Omaholic Spring Championship (more on that later).

Event #79, starting at 19:40 UTC, is the only GG Online Championship Omaha Bounty event of the day. This three tiered set of tournaments offers buy-ins at $21, $210 and $2,100 with respective guarantees of $20K, $75K and $150K.

Saturday ends with it’s only $1,000,000 tournament of the day. Another massive Mystery Bounty tournament. With multiple Day 1’s running right up to the start of Day 2 at 20:30 UTC, like the previous editions, this tournament is bound to excite you while you get surprised by the bounties.

Sensational Sunday


For those of you who have been counting, the total amount guaranteed on Saturday was just under $4 Million. That means on this day, Sunday, GGPoker is guaranteeing $24,300,000 in the GG Online Championship. That is in addition to the regular tournament schedule. If you have ever wanted to find a game, this is the day for you.

With all of the events and tournaments running today, there is too much to discuss them all, but if you want to see what is happening, check out the full schedule here (you will have to scroll down a bit to find it)

With the full schedule just a click away, here are the 3 big tournaments you have to look forward to Sunday.

Day 2 of the Super MILLION$ High Roller Main Event gets underway at 20:00 UTC. This tournament offers a $10 Million guarantee and multiple Day 1’s for you to play. The $10,300 buy-in can be a bit prohibitive, but you can qualify through the constantly running step satellites that start as low as $10. Don’t miss out on this incredible tournament offering the biggest guarantee of the series.

At 20:30 UTC the Final Day of both the GGOC Spring Classic and the Omaholic Spring Championship begins. These tournaments, both with buy-ins of $400, offer guarantees of $2,000,000 and $1,000,000 respectively. Both tournaments start the players with 200BB chip stacks and nice slow blind levels. Both are set up to be tournaments of champions.

Good luck at the tables this weekend, there is a ridiculous amount of poker to be played. May all your Aces hold up and your rivers run true.

Until Monday