GGPoker Gladiators

Introductory remarks

For the first time in force, our stable of killers takes to the field. Featuring the dangerous minds that, combined, gave birth to the poker site you see today, we’re hitting the road for one night only.

One live event, five players, a lifetime of in-office mocking. Reputations are on the line, as well as cash and bragging rights. Still though, the stakes could be higher. That’s where you come in – choose a horse, wait on the sidelines with yellow slip in-hand, win cash prizes. If you choose our winner correctly, you get a prize.

The gladiators:

Name: GGPoker Paul
Poker preference: Turbo Hold’em MTTs
Experience: Live and online since 2004 (eek I’m old!)
Biggest cash: Live: $10,111 Online: $2,100
Favourite hands: KK works for me
Special skills: The ability to fold for hours and hours
X-Factors: Am a dab hand at chip shuffling

Name: GGPoker Mike
Poker preference: 
Biggest cash: 
You can win money?
Favourite hands:
Special skills:
 None mentionable
 I don’t watch X-Factor

Name: GGPoker Sam
Poker preference:
 Loose Aggressive
 Over 10 years
Biggest cash:
 No comment 😉
Favourite hands:
Special skills:
 Variation of my mind
 Play the least I can, because I want to play every time.

Name: GGPoker Dylan
Poker preference: Dealers Choice
Experience: Mainly inebriated
Biggest cash: $1,100
Favourite hands: Winning ones
Special skills: Can balance a plate of food on the edge of a poker table
X-Factors: Slightly above average hearing

Name: GGPoker Dave
Poker preference: Hold’em all day. Preferably with KO bounties too.
Experience: Over a decade
Biggest cash: $16,500
Favourite hands: QJs – it just looks so nice
Special skills: Machiavellian bluffer, chicanery, conjuration magicks
X-Factors: Immune to the slightest human suffering

Closing statements

Tune in on Friday or Monday for the post-fight commentary sesh, where I’ll be deifying the winners, lauding the losers and breaking down how it went how it went.