How to Handle a Downswing

Variance in poker is a factor that can not be ignored. While a miniscule quantity of poker players will never experience it, for the majority of us mortals variance is something that needs to be considered. You should expect to lose most of the poker games you are going to register for. Poker is a

Learning by Reviewing your Hands

How to Review your Hand History without Software – For Beginners – Article Written by: Jinwoonon The first thing anyone needs to understand about poker is no one starts off as an expert. Anyone who wants to get good at poker, either online poker or live, needs to learn, study, practice and train. Starting on your

Four or Five Cards are Better Than Two

Why Omaha is Best Article written by: zedmaster84 As the game of poker gained more widespread popularity around the world, the most common variant was the traditional Texas Hold’em. Initially played in the limit variant, it was soon toppled by no-limit as it unleashed far more excitement. Since then, several dozen other poker variants have

Poker Tells – Live and Online

Poker Tells Live and Online Article written by: Andreas Bergmo Johnsen Like most things in poker, the claims made in this blog post are up for discussion. They are merely based on the personal experiences of the author from playing both live and online poker games, as well from conversations with other poker players.  Despite