GGPoker: A Comparative Guide

Written by: getaxc56 With so many poker games and poker varieties available in the world of online poker, doing a full comparison of online poker sites and all of the differences would be nearly impossible. So for the purpose of this comparison we will be focusing on online poker tournaments and online poker tournament players

Four or Five Cards are Better Than Two

Why Omaha is Best Article written by: zedmaster84 As the game of poker gained more widespread popularity around the world, the most common variant was the traditional Texas Hold’em. Initially played in the limit variant, it was soon toppled by no-limit as it unleashed far more excitement. Since then, several dozen other poker variants have

The History of the World Series of Poker: 1990-2003

The History of the World Series of Poker: 1990-2003 Article Written by: Paul Seaton In the first article in our series on the history of the World Series of Poker, we looked at the formation of the world’s oldest and most revered poker title, the original world championship, and which legendary names were the first

Playing Poker in Asia

Live Poker Events in Asia are a Different Beast Article written by: zedmaster84 Since 2011 I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel around the world and report on a multitude of live poker events. For the first few years my trips were limited to poker games in Europe.  That began to change

Poker Life In Germany

Poker in Germany Article written by: UnleqitPsycho In Germany, online poker is a very controversial topic. Until June 1st, 2021, this was not clearly regulated and left many questions unanswered. Only in one federal state was it already regulated. Schleswig-Holstein was the only federal state that was still allowed to play without rules during the

The Beginners Guide Series: How to Play Ace-King

How to Play Big Slick Article written by: Daniel O’Hair Very few poker hands cause more of a debate over how to play them than ace-king. While some poker players insist that it is merely “a drawing hand” that should be played cautiously before the flop, others view ace-king as a premium hand worthy of

PLAYER PROFILE – Koray Aldemir

Koray Aldemir  Article written by: UnleqitPsycho Aldemir has earned more than $21.5 million playing in live poker tournaments, making him one of the most successful German poker players. Amongst his accomplishments he has won the 2017 Triton Super High Roller Series Main Event, a 2019 US Poker Open event and the 2021 World Series of